C.W. Gortner at Village House of Books! And Other February News!

Village House of Books is wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day. We’re having several totally exciting events to end the month and to start March.


Thank you everyone who came for supporting Disney Reads Day! We appreciate your support at Village House of Books.
Our guest, Queen Elsa, is available for your parties, please check out Razzberry Lips to see how you can bring some royal flair to your own event!


Don’t forget Valentine’s Day!

Please make your orders by Wednesday, February 10th to make sure your favorite Valentine’s Day book will be here in the store. We still have copies of our favorite Valentine’s Day books here in the store, but don’t wait until it’s too late to order something for your special someone!

Thursday, February 18th
6:30 PM

Vatican Princess

Village House of Books is so proud to announce that C.W. Gortner will be coming to Village House of Books on the 18th. We’re so excited to invite this incredible spinner of historical fiction tales to our store.

His latest book, The Vatican Princess, bring the infamous Lucrezia Borgia to life in a story that is willing to put the woman in the context of the dark, brutal Borgia family. He ignore the easy image of her as a villainess to focus on Lucrezia’s incredible, indeed, perhaps heroic will to survive. Come meet him for an evening of conversation and stories right here in Los Gatos.

February 23rd
The TARDIS Returns

Dr. Who fans, get out your colored pencils! The Doctor Who Adult Coloring Book is materializing on February 23rd and it’s only set to land if you grab the phone and call for the Doctor at Village House of Books. 

Tuesday, March 1st
6:30 PM


We’re ecstatic to announce that Los Gatos Library is holding a virtual chat via Google Chat with Marissa Meyer at Los Gatos Libary at 6:30 on March the 1st. Bring your questions about how she writes and how to keep classic stories fresh with a virtual conversation with Marissa Meyer. Be sure to order any part of the series you are missing here at Village House of Books. We guarantee that library copies will be swiftly checked out as we get closer to March, so make sure you get yours from Village first!


Disney Reads Day



2:30 PM – 5:00 PM on February 6th
Celebrate the Joy of Storytelling!

Village House of Books and Razzberry Lips are celebrating the magic of Disney Storytelling by presenting this fantastic event together!

bookfairyCome See the Book Fairy when she arrives at 2:30! She’ll be reading from some of her favorite books here!

At 3:15, we’ll be selling a one-of-a-kind mystery book with original art from a Pixar Animator. We can’t reveal what it is until February 6th!mystery_cover

elsashilouetteAnd we’ll be receiving a royal guest from the Kingdom of Arendelle! The royal carriage is anticipated to arrive between 3:30 and 4:00 PM. 

Kids and Adults! Come in costume and join our Disney Costume Contest! Dress up like your favorite Disney character and win an awesome prize! Winners will be announced at 4:15 PM. 

Check out our co-sponsors for this event, Razzberry Lips!


Rolling Through January With Village House of Books


Dave Newhouse Pre-Superbowl Talk!

January 28th at 7 PM
The New Museum of Los Gatos is bringing author Dave Newhouse to talk about his book Before the Dynasty: The Dark Days of the 49ers, to prepare for the first Santa Clara Super Bowl! Order a copy of Before The Dynasty today to make sure it will arrive for the event!

Dave Newhouse will be at the New Museum on Thursday night, the 28th at 7:00 PM.


Mike Wu!

We’re so excited to get the latest book illustrated by Mike Wu in the store. Come and check out the Ooodlethunks, a new series featuring the artwork of Mike Wu. The first book in this new series focuses on a young girl named Oona who finds an egg and wants to protect and bring it to birth. She has to overcome the efforts of everyone else in her family who want a piece of the egg for themselves.


Disney Reads Day!

Disney Stores around the country are doing a special in-store event set on February 6th, Disney Reads day. This event is about making sure books are available for kids at all income levels.

In that spirit, please bring your gently loved children’s books to Village House of Books. We team with the San Jose Giants organization to get these books to children who are not as lucky as we are.

Our Disney Reads day will include a special visit from our own beloved Book Fairy. Avoid the long lines at the Oakridge Disney store (and terrible Super Bowl traffic around the bay area) and spend the day here at your local book store!

The event will be starting at 2 PM, including an appearance of a one-time offer mystery book. This book has original art and is signed by a Pixar animator just for Disney Reads day at Village House of Books.

It’s Starting To Look Like Valentine’s Day at Village House of Books!

Village House of Books is offering many excellent books and gifts for your special someone. Here are the list of our staff’s favorite Valentine’s day books! Here’s some inspirations for the perfect book for your special someone.


Steve: One Summer, 1927 by Bill Bryson

Cheryl: Me Before You by Jojo Moyes and The Language of Flowers by Vanessa Diffenbaugh

Kendrick: Consider Love by Sandra Boynton

Dashiell: Time’s Arrow by Martin Amis

Book Fairy: Love Monster by Rachel Bright


Thank you for supporting Village House of Books, and we hope to see you once again here on Main Street!




Look! New Kids’ Books at Village House of Books Today

January 5th is an amazing day for Kids’ Books at Village House of Books! We have many great titles from new series and from continuing series for your kids and the kid in your heart.

New Series at Village House of Books!


Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library/Mr. Limoncello’s Library Olympics Discover the coolest library ever! Mr. Limoncello makes each trip to the library fascinating by developing fascinating games and puzzles that the guests will have to figure out. As mad a genius as Willy Wonka, these two books will have kids putting their brains hard at work to solve the puzzles and figure out how to outwit Mr. Limoncello.

Continuing Series

9781596439771Bad Kitty Goes To The Vet jumps into all-too familiar territory of taking the family cat to the vet’s office. Cats are never happy to get into the kitty carrier, and Bad Kitty is no ordinary cat! Bad Kitty is nearly done in by dog slobber even before Bad Kitty can event met the veterinarian.  How will Bad Kitty handle the terrifying experience?

duck-and-goose-lets-danceDuck And Goose: Let’s Dance

Duck and Goose have a new song to sing they’d like to sing with you. While you sing it, you can learn the Duck and Goose dance as well. It’s a fun little board book, very similar to a Boynton silly song book.

Eerie Elementary

9780545873536Eerie Elementary – Recess Is A Jungle Did you like the adventures in the Forbidden Forest in Harry Potter? What if the trees behind your school turned into a Forbidden Forest? Follow Sam, Antonio, and Lucy as they try to make it through the jungle that magically appeared behind their school. The forest is awake and not happy to see them, and the jungle gym may be taking itself more literally than it needs to be.


frozen-anna-and-elsa-7-the-secret-admirer-princess-anna-38947970-345-500Anna & Elsa #7: The Secret Admirer Who is leaving presents and tokens of affection for Elsa? Will someone look beyond Elsa’s frightening powers and reveal true feelings for her? Or is something else going on? Join Anna, Kristoff, Elsa and Olaf as they search out the truth.

Magic Tree House

magic-tree-house-book-51-2823595Magic Tree House #51: High Time For Heroes is now out in paperback with collectible hero stickers! Merlin sends the Magic Tree House kids to meet Florence Nightengale, but discover she’s not a nurse at all! This book will show your kid the origin of nursing and world before the Crimean War.


Magic Tree House #54: Balto of the Blue Dawn is a brand new hardcover story for the Magic Tree House kids. They are sent to save the town of Nome, Alaska with the help of a heroic sled team in 1925. If your child has watched the animated film, Balto, you will be familiar with the story of Balto, but Mary Osbourne’s take is fresh and as fun as a sled ride!

Star Wars

I Am A Droid, I Am A Jedi, I Am A Pilot: These are three great Little Golden Books. They are updated for the scenarios of Episode VIII but for very small audiences (not connected to previous books of the same names written for Star Wars Episode I), but you’ll see Luke, Han, Chewie, R2D2, Yoda, and C3PO so that the generation who grew up with the classic films will enjoy looking through these books with their kids. 

The NeverGirls

51zdgm5extl-sx316The NeverGirls #11: Into The Waves A young girl loses her goldfish escapes into faerie land. Can the NeverGirls group find the goldfish and return it to her? They go on a river adventure through Neverland to find the lost fish. Will they survive an encounter with a famous crocodile? Avoid being pulled off course by mermaids? Will they meet Peter Pan? Find out in this thrilling story.

Film Stories


The Inside Out Guide to Life 

The Guide to Life shows many wonderful scenes from the film Inside Out along with words of wisdom for each picture. A lovely little book for a friend in need of cheering up. Especially if they are lying face down on the floor like Sadness.


Can you find my yellow Balloon December 19th at 12:00 PM


Hello lovely Village House of Books audience, we’ve just had a late announced guest! Tiffany Papageorge will be spending time with us in Village House of Books on Saturday the 19th from 12-2!

Christmas is a wonderful time to spend with family and friends, but not every Christmas time is equally jolly. If you’ve had or are currently celebrating a Christmas where you’ve lost someone or something special, My Yellow Balloon is the book for you!


Tiffany Papageorge is a Los Gatos-area actress and is the author of this, her first children’s book, My Yellow Balloon. She’ll be here on Saturday, December 19th to answer questions about her book and sign copies.

This is an informal event, no sign-up is necessary.


Christmas-Music Free Shopping

Does hearing too much Christmas-music make you feel a little…



We’re happy to announce two Christmas-music free shopping days at Village House of Books before Christmas!  December 15th and December 22nd will have non-Christmas music playing to satisfy your inner Humbug! All your Christmas favorites will continue to be played for the rest of the holiday.

We will be featuring the worerica-1024x678k of local musician Unwoman. (As well as many others on Kendrick’s playlist!)

Unwoman is a San Francisco-based cellist-singer-all around awesome person who you may have seen and heard if you attended bay area conventions like Clockwork Alchemy or Dragoncon.  You can find out more about her and her music at Unwoman.com (Unwoman won’t be appearing, but the store will be playing mostly her music throughout the day)