Join Us For Illuminator Rising


One of our favorite local authors, Alina Sayre, is about to release the next book in her fantastic Illuminator series, The Illuminator Rising. Alina Sayre is a frequent guest at Village, and we can’t wait to see what happens in Book 3: The Illuminator Rising on June 25th.


You can chat with her and pick up your copy of her latest book, or start her series with a signed copy of the Illuminator’s Gift only fromalinavillage Village House of Books.

We’ll shed light on the new book starting at 5:00 PM on Saturday, June 25th.


Junie B. Jones Has a Birthday! You’re invited!

Hey there!

Yes you!

It’s Summertime, and that means fun at Village House of Books!

Did you know that Junie B. Jones’ favorite month is June? It’s true! It’s right in her name, and it also happens to be her birthday!


You can celebrate Junie B. Jones’ birthday with us with a fun party where you will design your own cake, make your way through mystifying mazes and solve pernicious puzzles!

We’ll be celebrating at Village starting at 4:00 PM on Saturday, June 25th!

We’ll be providing snacks and drinks as part of the party, please RSVP in the store or online through Facebook or emailing villagehouseofbooks@yahoo.com. If you have any allergies, please let us know before the event to make sure your children are safe.


Is It Half-Full or Half-Empty?

What is true is we are only half-way to where we want to be!


We are still collecting books for the San Francisco Giants’ book drive.  Please help us fill the window and bring wonderful used books to hundreds of deserving children through the Junior Giants program. The window is looking a little empty, and we need your help!

We are hoping to fill the window by June 18th, and only with your books can we reach our goal!


Book Release Party on May 24th

Book Release Party

May 24th

6:30 PM

@ Village House of Books


Dr. Peter Abaci, the director of the Bay Area Pain and Wellness Center, wants to have a conversation with you about pain. His book, Conquering Your Chronic Pain is a unique resource to work through your own pain.

Your perception of pain is due to the effects of pain on your neural processes, and Conquer Your Chronic Pain dives into the effects of pain on the brain.

It takes the latest cutting-edge research about the brain and puts in practical terms that you can use right now to confront your own pain.

Dr. Peter Abaci has included chapters in his book about navigating the complex health care system that seems designed to do anything but defeat your pain. This book describes the strategy to navigate the complex healthcare waters, finding treatments and practices that work for you and how to talk to your doctor about them.

Dr. Abaci has spent twenty years running the Pain and Wellness Center in Los Gatos as well as conquering his struggle with his own chronic pain.

If you or someone you love is heroically struggling against chronic pain, you need to pick up this invaluable resource.


Thursday, May 5th: Elephant & Piggie Thank You Party!

Elephant and Piggie have so much to be thankful for…but they decided to throw a party to thank you for reading our books. Join us on Thursday for our…

Elephant and Piggie Thank You Party Day!

We’ll be reading two of Mo Willems’ great books featuring our pig and elephant friends. We have We Are In A Book and The Thank You Book.









We will spend the rest of the day enjoying really fun Piggie and Elephant activities!

You’ll be able to make puppets and/or masks so you can act out your own Elephant and Piggie adventures! Snacks will be provided, so bring the whole family to enjoy the party.

Please RSVP either by emailing the store at villagehouseofbooks@yahoo.com or on our Facebook RSVP page, let us know how many kids are coming and whether there are any allergies we need to be aware of. If you’re interested in the rest of the Children’s Book Week events, please check out the link here.


Friday, May 6th: Duck And Goose At The Beach!

Shake your Tail Feathers!
It’s Time for a Duck And Goose Beach Party!

1 PM to 2:30 PM


This is the only beach party where you won’t get
any sand in your suit! Join us for a story time with three great duck and goose stories.


Duck & Goose
Duck & Goose Go To The Beach
Duck & Goose Let’s Dance

Then join us for a set of super fun activities for the rest of the afternoon!

You can build your own sand castle, make your own Duck & Goose masks, and do a little beach bottle bowling at Village House of Books!

Cool off with a drink and eat a snack to end a great party with Duck & Goose!

Please RSVP to this event at our Facebook event page or by e-mailing us at villagehouseofbooks@yahoo.com. If you’re interested in any of the other Children’s Book Week activities, please follow the link here.


SandyBoynDay May 4th

Hippo Hooray! SandyBoynDay!


These hippos know where to go to party! You should to!

Sandra Boynton can be found here or here, and she is the creator of many of our favorite books for small children, and we’re going to spend the afternoon celebrating them here in the store from 3:30 to 5:00.

We’re reading three of our favorites here in the store.

But Not The Hippopotamus (It’ll be a read with the Hippo story!)


Perfect Piggies!


Barnyard Dance!


We’ll spend the rest of the evening working on fun activities! You can make an Udderfly puppet! (What’s an udderfly? You’ll hvae to come to Village House of Books to find out!) Play a raucous game of Boynton Bingo (Can you get five in a row of Boynton animals?) Finally, we’ll end the SandyBoynDay with a barnyard dance where all your critters can get out their jitters.

Please RSVP to this event by e-mailing us at villagehouseofbooks@yahoo.com or direct RSVP on our facebook page. Want to find out about the rest of Children’s Book Week? Check out the full list of Children’s Book Week events on our website here.