End of Summer! And Eric Henze!

Thank you everyone who stopped by the store this summer and made Summer 2016 very memorable for Village House of Books and the Los Gatos community! We had so much with Waldo, the Grilled Cheese Kitchen day, Cynthia Spivey, and Alina Sayre! Where did all that time go?

We are bringing dozens of new items from local sources, including Slowcoast Coffee, Tea, Honey, Hats, Hoodies, and Airstream Tees. We are carrying the refreshing Blithe and Bonny soaps.  We are also now selling Owen and Fred travel gear for all your adventures.

To cap off a wonderful summer, we’re bringing in Eric Henze on Saturday the 27th.

Saturday the 27th 1 PM – 3 PM

We’re proud to host the bay area’s biggest expert on the western National Parks and the top trails of Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Colorado and New Mexico.

Join Eric Henze for a conversation about our national treasures in the western United States and get your own signed copies of his books and his priceless insight.

Hours Change

To keep our store hours more consistent, we are now announcing the following hours changes.

We will be open from 10-5 from Monday through Friday.
We will still be open from 10-6 on Saturday.
We will still have our early day on Sunday from 9-2.


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