The End of the Great Los Gatos Waldo Hunt

The Great Los Gatos Waldo Hunt is coming to an end! Did you find him in all his hiding spots? If not…FIND WALDO NOW! You need to bring in your Waldo Passport before 12:30 PM on July 29th!


We and the downtown Los Gatos business community have had a great time hosting Waldo as he traveled through Los Gatos. We hope you supported your local businesses by bringing your family to each of the Where’s Waldo locations. Let each store know that you appreciated their support of the Waldo hunt. That’s the only way we get to keep doing it each year.

Then stick around for the fantastic Waldo raffle. If you turned in your passport with 18 stamps, you could win one of our fantastic prizes! The raffle starts at 1 PM and ends at 2. One lucky Waldo searcher will receive a grand set of Waldo books of their very own.


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