C.W. Gortner at Village House of Books! And Other February News!

Village House of Books is wishing you and your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day. We’re having several totally exciting events to end the month and to start March.


Thank you everyone who came for supporting Disney Reads Day! We appreciate your support at Village House of Books.
Our guest, Queen Elsa, is available for your parties, please check out Razzberry Lips to see how you can bring some royal flair to your own event!


Don’t forget Valentine’s Day!

Please make your orders by Wednesday, February 10th to make sure your favorite Valentine’s Day book will be here in the store. We still have copies of our favorite Valentine’s Day books here in the store, but don’t wait until it’s too late to order something for your special someone!

Thursday, February 18th
6:30 PM

Vatican Princess

Village House of Books is so proud to announce that C.W. Gortner will be coming to Village House of Books on the 18th. We’re so excited to invite this incredible spinner of historical fiction tales to our store.

His latest book, The Vatican Princess, bring the infamous Lucrezia Borgia to life in a story that is willing to put the woman in the context of the dark, brutal Borgia family. He ignore the easy image of her as a villainess to focus on Lucrezia’s incredible, indeed, perhaps heroic will to survive. Come meet him for an evening of conversation and stories right here in Los Gatos.

February 23rd
The TARDIS Returns

Dr. Who fans, get out your colored pencils! The Doctor Who Adult Coloring Book is materializing on February 23rd and it’s only set to land if you grab the phone and call for the Doctor at Village House of Books. 

Tuesday, March 1st
6:30 PM


We’re ecstatic to announce that Los Gatos Library is holding a virtual chat via Google Chat with Marissa Meyer at Los Gatos Libary at 6:30 on March the 1st. Bring your questions about how she writes and how to keep classic stories fresh with a virtual conversation with Marissa Meyer. Be sure to order any part of the series you are missing here at Village House of Books. We guarantee that library copies will be swiftly checked out as we get closer to March, so make sure you get yours from Village first!


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