Next In-Store Event – Illustrator Day with Jerrod Maruyama

Sadness flying with Crying Cloud

Come To Our Next Event with Illustrator Jerrod Maruyama!

Don’t Cry Because You Missed Our Last Event!

Box of Mixed Emotions Illustrator Jerrod Maruyama is coming to Village House of Books!

December 12th at 2 PM

We had so much fun here with Mike Wu that we wanted to get another children’s book creator, and we’ve found Jerrod Maruyama! He’s going to come to the store on December 12th and talk about the book he illustrated, The Box Of Mixed Emotions. Bring your kids and your own mixed up emotions! We promise, no tears!

Sadness from Inside Out

Pixar’s Sadness from Inside Out

But…I like crying. It helps me slow down and obsess over life’s problems.”

Well, Sadness can cry, but you don’t have to if you join us on December 12th! Don’t miss out!


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