News: VHOB featured in “Where Is Your Community?”

dianeLocal author Diane Dreher wrote an article for Psychology Today about the decline of civil engagement and the loss of community in our busy American culture.  In the article, she uses Village House of Books as an example of a new friendly center of community:

We can cultivate community by supporting our local businesses. Last year an adventurous young couple, Cheryl and Steve Hare, opened an independent bookstore, Village House of Books, in my town of Los Gatos. The bookstore has become a friendly center of community with books, author events, and art from local artists. I go there often, recommend it to friends, and give store gift certificates as birthday presents.

To read the entire thought-provoking article, click here:

Diane Dreher is a best-selling author, personal coach, and professor at Santa Clara University. Her latest book, Your Personal Renaissance: 12 Steps to Finding Your Life’s True Calling, is available at Village House of Books!


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