The Martian at New Museum of Los Gatos

The Martian: October 29th at 2015


Thank you everyone who attended our The Martian Event at the New Museum in Los Gatos! Andy Weir joined almost 150 fans at the NUMU to discuss his book, The Martian, and sign copies of the said book.


We had a wonderful time, and Andy Weir answered a slew of questions from our bright and lively audience, and Andy had us rolling in our seats as he regaled us with stories of his scientific inaccuracies, his discomforts with fame and the film adaptation, and naming characters after Red Sox reporters. Thank you Andy for taking time to answer so many audience questions!

The event took place in the lovely New Museum of Los Gatos, and many of our guests were able to sit in the beautiful new space exhibit


or take a peek at the virtual martian surface in the front room.

We learned so much about the process of creating the Martian and much more about Andy Weir. He even answered questions about Doctor Who (disappointing the Matt Smith ladies in the room, his favorite modern Doctor is David Tennant) and took several pictures with the Village House of Books staff.

Andy Weir and Village Staff

Thanks so much for everyone for making it an unforgettable evening!


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