Best Comics of All Time

Best Comics of All Time

It is quite impossible for many of us to know where to start when it comes to comic books as there are so many issues that get released every week. To make things easier for you we have listed down some of the best comic books of all time:

Best Comics of All Time

Daredevil: Born Again:

Daredevil Born again is a Greek tragedy, and it is one of the best solo superhero stories of Marvel. Matt Murdock’s life is destroyed by Kingpin as he finds out that he is the Daredevil. Murdock’s identity is revealed by his girlfriend, Karen Page. The Daredevil character is completely deconstructed, and he is in a pathetic condition. The story is about how Murdock pulls himself up and reclaims the city.


The Author and writer Jeff Smith have a very simplistic and neat style of dialogue and art. The comic is about Bone, a small white dog and his cousins, Fone Bone, Phoney Bone, and Smiley Bone are thrown out of a city named Bonneville. All of them set out on an adventurous journey, and from a very humble beginning they end up fighting the Lord of Locusts which is an evil force. Jeff Smith also does not use any sex or violence to sell his books, and it is very simple to read and perfect for children.

Sin City:

Most of you might have seen the movie Sin City, you there is a whole lot of other things to the story that you will get to know when you read the comics. The characters Marv, Nancy, and Dwight come into life quite vibrantly when you read the comic books.

All-Star Superman:

The All-Star Superman has a little bit of nostalgia, poetry, and trademark blockbuster action which turns Superman into one of the best superheroes in the world. The character dates back to the year 1938, but no other role can ever bring in so much passion among the readers. The plot is about how Superman is trying to get the most out of the world before he dies. He saves the planet, fights all the villains and cures all earthly diseases.

X-Men: God Loves, Man Kills:

There are so many other X-Men titles that are there but God Loves, Man Kills is something which you cannot miss. It encapsulates everything and the story is about William Stryker who is a reverend and he attempts to starts holy-war against the mutant race and he was not worried about the blood that was shed that was going to happen.

Swamp Thing:

Alan Moore changed the way how we looked at the formulaic monster. He introduced ideas which were both post-modern and part existential. The comic was unique and it was not like the other mainstream American comics. The comic is filled with unique poetry, and it also has components of horror and supernatural things. The comic beautifully tells us about the balance between nature and man and it is a perfect book for adults who are wanting to read some comic books.