Finishing up the Second Month of Summer!

waldoThis is the last week of Waldo’s travels in Los Gatos! Did you find him in all his hiding spots? If not…FIND WALDO NOW! You need to bring in your Waldo Passport to Village House of Books before 12:30 PM on July 29th!

We and the downtown Los Gatos business community have had a great time hosting Waldo as he traveled in Los Gatos. We hope you supported your local businesses by bringing your family to each of the Where’s Waldo locations.

This is the last week for hunting for Waldo. Make sure your family drops off their completed passport and that you stick around for the raffle that begins at 1 PM.

August will be a busy month for us at Village!


We begin with How To Eat Paleo If You Don’t Live In A Cave with Cynthia Spivey!  

Cynthia Spivey has written a simple to understand book that explains how you can start eating Paleo. The book answers simple questions like, “Can I eat cake?” or “Why should I not eat legumes” along with advice for veteran paleo eaters; it’s the definitive resource for the Paleo diet!

We will have Cynthia Spivey as our guest on August 8th from 5 PM to 7 PM for an evening of conversation with the author.

Cover_518On August 14th, Learn how to make the greatest grilled cheese sandwiches in Los Gatos with fantastic sandwiches made by the Bay Area masters, Heidi Gibson and Nathan Pollak! They are the proud owners of The American Grilled Cheese Kitchen in San Francisco!

They will be visiting Village House of Books on
August 14th from 1 to 3 PM

You can try one of the sandwiches that have made them famous by purchasing one of their great cookbooks here in the store on August 14th. If you’re interested, please RSVP via Facebook here and choose “Going.”


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