SandyBoynDay May 4th

Hippo Hooray! SandyBoynDay!


These hippos know where to go to party! You should to!

Sandra Boynton can be found here or here, and she is the creator of many of our favorite books for small children, and we’re going to spend the afternoon celebrating them here in the store from 3:30 to 5:00.

We’re reading three of our favorites here in the store.

But Not The Hippopotamus (It’ll be a read with the Hippo story!)


Perfect Piggies!


Barnyard Dance!


We’ll spend the rest of the evening working on fun activities! You can make an Udderfly puppet! (What’s an udderfly? You’ll hvae to come to Village House of Books to find out!) Play a raucous game of Boynton Bingo (Can you get five in a row of Boynton animals?) Finally, we’ll end the SandyBoynDay with a barnyard dance where all your critters can get out their jitters.

Please RSVP to this event by e-mailing us at or direct RSVP on our facebook page. Want to find out about the rest of Children’s Book Week? Check out the full list of Children’s Book Week events on our website here.


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