Presenting: Vanessa Diffenbaugh and Anger

Two Big Events At Village House of Books!


“Are you trying to tell me you ran out of room to see Jerrod Maruyama?”
Inside Out Box of Mixed Emotions Illustrator Jerrod Maruyama is coming to Village House of Books!
December 12th at 2 PM

Don’t be left Angry on Saturday! We still have room for you to join us with Jerrod Maruyama. He’s going to come to the store and talk about illustrating this fun set of books and maybe some of his own emotions. The Book Fairy will be there; make sure to ask about her favorite emotion! Space is limited, so come in and sign up soon.

angerfull.png“You’re telling me those book-readers get a space in line before me! ME?”

Calm Down, Anger! Don’t let Anger keep you from Village House of books so you can sign up to join us on December 12th at 2 PM. While you’re here, you can sign up for our chat with Vanessa Diffenbaugh! She’s coming by on December 2nd at 7 PM.


Wait, Vanessa Diffenbaugh is coming? Why didn’t you say so? How do I get into that?

Well, Anger, just stop by Village House of Books or check out the Facebook event page and get on the list. You can order a book to be signed at the event, you’ll get a copy of The Language of Flowers with admission for $46 and you’ll get a copy of We Never Asked For Wings for $57. Call Village House of Books if you want to bring the rest of the emotions with you for a group discount! This event is for the Older emotions out there, and there will be wine and hors d’oeuvres. 



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