Guest Post: Jan Pitcher, author of ‘Where Do the Stars Go?’


Where Do The Stars Go?

by artist/author Jan Pitcher

8 or 9 years ago,
I decided I wanted to paint like the Pre-Raphaelites.


But this is what happened, instead:


Then, my most wise and lovely long-time neighbor, a fellow artist, came over for an impromtu critique: “Wonderful! – she said. To which I emphatically replied: “NO! – just look at all this color; this picture I’ve made is so bright and so simple and I wanted to paint like the Pre-Raphaelites!” To which she calmly replied: “Just paint like Jan, and let it rip.” Afterwards, my then 39 year old son, another trusted critiquer, added: “Mom, this painting looks like it belongs in a childrens’ book – why don’t you write one – you’ve always talked about doing that.”

So, I did.

And that is how Where Do the Stars Go? – my picture book for children of all ages got its start. It contains 11 original (un-Pre-Raphaelite) paintings, which illustrate simple rhyming verses that wonder what might happen to the stars when nigthtime turns to day. Like, where do the stars go? Do they become baby deer dapples, or sparkles on the bay? Or, when nighttime is all through, do they turn into happy things you do? Such a curiosity.

Spoiler alert: There’s a good chance it will continue to be a mystery …

Jan Pitcher will be appearing at Village House of Books on May 2nd at 12:00 pm as part of our California Bookstore Day celebration! Come say hello to Jan and our other local authors that we will be featuring throughout the day!


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