Upcoming Author Event: Mike Lynch

February 28th, 2015, 2:00 PMskyfell

Author Mike Lynch will be signing copies of his newest book, After the Sky Fell, sequel to 2009’s When the Sky Fell. Come on down and say hi and check out this engaging sci-fi series.

Book Description: The year is 2247, and Commander Frank Yamane’s grave warnings of the Deravan’s imminent return have gone unheeded. Once hailed as a hero who saved Earth from certain destruction, he is now seen as a relic from a past most people would soon forget. Mired in petty squabbles and clashes over limited resources, the solar governments that still exist are consumed by their own self-interests, while millions of survivors cling to a tenuous existence. Yamane fears an increase in hostilities will break out into open war, and is sent as an ambassador to broker a peace agreement against Earth’s most fearsome rival, the Jovian Alliance. What he doesn’t realize is that the Deravans are the ones behind these conflicts. Their intent is to eliminate humanity in one fell swoop, and claim what they have craved since the dawn of time–unquestioned dominion over the galaxy.


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