Alina Sayre’s “The Illuminator’s Test” Book Launch


On Saturday evening, local author Alina Sayre launched her latest novel at Village House of Books.  The Illuminator’s Test is the second book in her The Voyages of the Legend children’s series, following 2013’s The Illuminator’s Gift.  The book continues the adventures of Ellie, the twelve-year-old orphan desperately searching for a family:


The Illuminator’s Test: As Ellie and her friends start new lives on the flying island of Rhynlyr, Ellie hopes she’s finally found a home. At the Academy, she learns to wield her gift of Sight and discovers her role in the war against Draaken. But Draaken also wants to control Ellie’s gift. With the help of a blind mentor, an elite bodyguard, and a hostile singer, Ellie must navigate a storm of danger and deception that threatens to cut her off from her friends and corrupt her very self. When disaster strikes, will she find the courage to fight for her friends and the future of the One Kingdom?

Illustrator Amalia Hillmann’s original cover art was on display, and there was food and face-painting for everyone who came.  Full of fantasy and fun, it was a truly magical evening.

illum2A close-up of Amalia Hillmann’s original cover art

If you took photos during the event, we would love to see them!  Please e-mail them to us or post a link in a comment below!


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